Ron Lavender & Asociados
Av. de los Deportes 13, Acapulco, Gro. Mexico C.P. 39690

With 43 years in the field, Ron Lavender & Asociados is the oldest, and probably best known, Real Estate firm in Acapulco, dominating the local market in the sale of luxury homes and villas. The firm has been listed in the prestigious guide Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate for many years and the name has become synonymous with upscale real estate in the Acapulco area.

One of the company's ads expresses the advantage of experience which the company enjoys, stating simply, "We know the market." In the commercial field, Sam's Club, Price Club, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Denny's are some of the companies which this firm has successfully assisted in locating in Acapulco. In addition, a great number of Acapulco's finest beachfront condominiums are situated on ground parcels which were negotiated through the guidance of Ron Lavender & Asociados. Among the myriad of luxurious homes sold by the company over the past three decades are Casa Ocho Caballos, Casa La Puerta del Mar, Villa Los Soņadores, Villa Margamar, Villa Aranjuez, Casa Normandie and Villa Princesa.

The broad knowledge of the associates with regard to the local real estate market, as well as with regard to the "ins and outs" and local ground rules are among the firm's most important assets; factors which have proven especially helpful to prospective purchasers.

Realtors bring referral clients to Ron Lavender & Asociados from all over the world. Ron Lavenderīs personal charisma and recognized name precede his international fame as the man to consult on Real Estate matters, foreign living and Acapulco tourism in general.