• carlos and charlies

    Carlos’n Charlie’s

    Carlos’n Charlie’s is a 100% Mexican family restaurant, in which the genuine personality and good humor of Carlos Anderson, founder of Grupo Anderson’s, shines through in every detail. Amidst a casual and relaxed atmosphere, guests are free to do as they please, dancing on chairs, singing and much more, while enjoying a fun environment. Located 10 minutes from the Acapulco Airport, Carlos’n Charlie’s awaits you at the Isla Shopping Mall to enjoy its warmth and fun with delicious Mexican dishes and American classics such as hamburgers, wings and its traditional nachos that you cannot miss. Remember that at Carlos’n Charlie’s fun has been a guarantee for more than 40 years. The…

  • Zibo Restaurant

    At Zibu, we merge the best of two great cultures- We have chosen the best dishes that offer the extraordinary combinations of flavors that Thai cuisine imagines and we have merged them with Mexican haute cuisine to create a new fusion gastronomic concept: Mex-Tai food. Mex-Tai food has the audacity to mix the spicy. the sour, the sweet, the salty and the bitter; with results that surprise when bursting on the palate. All the ingredients we use are original and the products are fresh and of the highest quality. Chef Ambassador of Mexico, innovator, visionary and creator of successful concepts, solid and positioned in the market. Its name represents the…

  • mario canario

    Mario Canario

    Our ingredients come directly from local fishermen and producers. Mario Canario Blvd. of the Nations Lot 16 Acapulco, Mexico |  Maps https://www.mariocanario.mx email:  communications@pgh.mx Monday to Thursday: 13:00 to 19:30 Friday to Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Takeout orders to:+52 744 436 1252

  • sirocco

    Sirocco Acapulco

    Sirocco Acapulco Restaurant continues with its doors open during temporary hours from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm, attentive to any indication from the Federal Government and the Ministry of Health regarding the coronavirus COVID-19. At the moment we are following the health protocols in this regard. Website: http://www.sirocco.com.mx/ Teléfonos: 01 (744) 433 30 77 (744) 433 30 55 (744) 433 33 33 Av. Escenica #120 al lado del Hotel Camino Real Acapulco, Gro., México. Horario: Lunes a Domingo 13:00 a 23:00 hrs. E-mail: siroccodiamante@gmail.com

  • Tony’s Bistro

    A gift to the palate-An fusion of two rich culinary cultures. Chef Erik Nguyen, who even ventures into molecular food, has managed to unite the contrasting flavors of two cultures in a new concept that will pamper even the most demanding palate. Visit Tony’s Bistro and surprise yourself with this new and delicious concept in Acapulco. Witness the Franco-Vietnamese flavor in a single meal. RESERVATIONS Wednesday to Sunday from 2:30 PM to 12:30 AM Address: Escenica las Brisas (347.09 mi) Acapulco, Guerrero 39880 Website: https://www.tonysacapulco.com MENU ENTRADAS ARTURO’S FROMAGE Queso de cabra con miel de acacia y trufa blanca ALITAS COREANAS SPICY Fritas con miel, chile guajillo y de árbol QUESADILLA…